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Our History

Our tournament history may be young, but we are proud of the impact we have had on our community and families we have helped. We thank you for your past and continued support. 

Ice Skates


The year is started it all. In true hockey player fashion, a couple of friends banded together to support their teammate and brother in battle, Tim Devito and his family. Their world was flipped upside down when their oldest son, Phoenix, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 

2021 Winners: Imperial Benders

Evan Creed | Ethan Roebuck | Yad Jayanth | Drew Hanak

Ice Hockey Rink


The next step in our journey, 2022. This time, it was was even better. More people, more hype, and more fun! With a solid leadership behind the wheel, we were fortunate to meet our little hero, Dylan Ortiz and his family. Dylan was also diagnosed with Leukemia and it was an honor to meet an expert of all things Captain America, Godzilla, and Teen Titans. Even the KHOU 11 came out to show us their support. You can see the video on the home page.

2022 Winners: Drop In Special

Gambino Rivera | Michael Valad 

Matt Thomas | Michael Bellinzoni

Ice Hockey Rink


With the growing success from year two, our committee set out with one goal in mind for year three: To perfect every detail and only make small changes... And we did just that. Our 2023 hero was Mallory and the Jatzlau family. Mallory was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that forms in soft tissue. But that hasn't stopped her one bit from pursuing her passion of dancing. She lives up to her nick name... BEAST MAL! 2023 also marked the split in divisions with now both a Rec A/B and Rec C/D. 

2023 Winners

  Rec A/B - Drop In Special

Gambino Rivera | Michael Valad 

Matt Thomas | Michael Bellinzoni

Rec C/D - Houston Hearts Hockey

Yad Jayanth | Ivan Chin | Luis Rios
Ethan Roebuck

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